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He said, that on this day Sir Geoffrey Griffin was lawfully executed at our order, for treason. He took the axe from Mattie's unresisting fingers and put his arm around her. You are a most remarkable woman, my dear. You make me very proud. Mattie looked at him blankly. My lords, he said, turning to face the barons, would you please best sex toys for women rise? The barons glanced best sex toys for women at one another and rose to their feet. We are honored to formally present Mistress Matilda Morton of the Myre. Matilda is the daughter of Sir Thomas Morton, known to you todayas Mizar the wizard. The barons digested this information with faint puzzlement. women Her full name is Matilda Susanna Irene Chateaucourant Morton. It is? said Mattie. How do you know that? I had the honor to witness your baptism when you were an infant, explained the king. You did? Mattie looked at the king in bewilderment. Harry turned back to the barons. Sir Thomas was husband to my beloved sister, Susanna Chateaucourant, who was cruelly lost to us in theplague year, long ago. Sir Reginald's icy blue eyes snapped back to Mattie. A delighted smile broke across his craggy face. Matilda has been in hiding with her father these twenty years. Until recently we thought she had perished with her mother, but by God's grace she stands before us now. I do? said Mattie. As the daughter of our sister, she is our full niece, continued the king, solemnly. I am? said Mattie. She is? cried Rosemary, leaping to her feet. Under the Law of Gyrland, Matilda is our closest living relative, and is therefore our heir. From this moment forth, you will know her as Her Royal Majesty, Matilda the Second, rightful Queen of Gyrland. He took the filigree crown from google his head and placed it on hers. It was a little big for her, and sat somewhat askew. Mattie put her hand up to steady it. I'm --- what? she gasped. Queen Matilda will rule as my co-regent until I die, and will then assume the throne in her own right, continued King Harry. He glanced at the reeking corpse on the floor. I think you will finally have the strong monarch that Gyrland has always needed. I advise you not to annoy her. The barons were stunned. They looked at Mattie and then at the bloodstained axe. Sir Reginald was the first to react. He went down on one knee, ignoring the arthritis. My sword is yours, your majesty, he said. Command me and it will be done! The stern old general was a very happy man. The succession was safe! Let Gyrland's enemies beware! Following Sir Reginald's example, the barons put their knees to the sand and offered Mattie their fealty. Mattie turned toher father in a daze. Papa? Mizar was beaming. You said it yourself, my dear. The dice arealwaysloaded. Torch painfully hoisted himself up on one elbow best sex toys for women and looked at women the new queen. Does this mean Iwon't be hanged after lunch? Civil War The barons took their leave and departed. The servants hurried to clean up the mess. Within minutes Sir Geoffrey's head and body were packed on a litter and removed. The bloody sand was scooped into buckets and carried away. The floor of the hall was raked best sex toys for women smooth. It was as if nothing had happened, except that the king ordered the prisoners to be untied. Even the Seneschal's chain of office was hurriedly cleaned and best sex toys for women polished. It lay on the table next to the row of dead sparrows. Rosemary was locked in a tight embrace with Tom,